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1000x implementation issuse

Question asked by Sagar Manandhar on Oct 10, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2017 by Thomas Werner


 I am trying to implement the 1000x appliance. My organization has been using 4600 series appliance as the gateway and using the virtual management server. I have initially made the 1000x as the local threat emulation appliance and the gateway has pointed  1000x as the other threat emulation devices. I have some queries:

  1.       While installing the policy I get the error message:

“Threat Prevention requires topology to be defined. At least one internal, one external, and no undefined interfaces are required. Incorrectly defined topology impacts performance and security. Please install both network security and Threat Prevention policy after fixing the topology.”

I have only connect to one interface of 1000x so that it can receive the traffic from the gateway. What may be the cause?


  1.      When I see the log of the threat emulation it is empty with no source and destination and when click on the “Update failed: The Security Gateway cannot download the file.The Security Gateway cannot connect to the Internet. We recommend that you check the network connection and proxy settings”

But when I try to reach the internet from cli mode I am being able to ping internet.


  1.       How can I determine if the virtual OS are working fine or not.


Snapshot of error attached




Sagar Manandhar