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How can I troubleshoot traffic hanging through VSX every 20 minutes ?

Question asked by nicolas figaro on Oct 6, 2017
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I'm trying to troubleshoot a VSX issue.


The customer indicates that when he monitors traffic using a basic monitoring software between two lans through a VSX, the connection somehow hangs every 20 minutes.


network config is quite basic.


internal networks - internal VSX - core network - external VSX - internet.


I checked the performances so far and everything seems ok, except all interfaces IRQs use the same CPU. The coreXL license only allows the use of 4 CPUS, the open server has 16 cores.


I have 2 VSX instances for filtering, and the CPU doesn't seem to go too high.


I also thougth about upgrading the network drivers for 10 GBE interfaces (ixgbe) using intel drivers for linux, as checkpoint doesn't provide any driver for open servers. Did anyone already did this ? 


How can I troubleshoot further to check where the latency comes from ?


Best regards.