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Connections Table Confusion and sk65133

Question asked by Justin Hickey on Oct 5, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 9, 2017 by Alexander Astardzhiev

I'm dealing with timeout issues and I need to prove to another organization that Checkpoint is not the cause of the timeout. I want to find the connection in the connection table with the timer showing the live ttl and timeout.


sk65133 seems to be the correct article explaining how to do this but I'm lost on how to craft the correct syntax. The table is all in hex. Please consider this my enhancement request to please convert it to standard decimal. Either that or add real world examples on how to search for a connection in the sk65133.


Let's say I want to find a connection for ip . I cant seem to locate the connection with the below fw tab command and grep. I'm likely doing something wrong. Any insight is appreciated.

ft tab -t 8158 | grep C0A8FFFA