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Web API problem

Question asked by rburqf5fc9071-f4d2-48d0-89be-3a8f1d5864b8 on Sep 30, 2017
Latest reply on Jan 29, 2018 by rburqf5fc9071-f4d2-48d0-89be-3a8f1d5864b8

Hi, I'm having an issue testing the v1.1 web-api. I can perform the initial login correctly and get the following response -


[uid:0529db8e-495a-4021-9826-e05ffa17baf5, sid:EYWMOM37tdp8Ji-SG9ioDlKR1Poop795DgwWqvyCe7c, url:, session-timeout:600, last-login-was-at:[posix:1506825546427, iso-8601:2017-09-30T22:39-0400], api-server-version:1.1]

POST Success: HTTP/1.1 200 OK


I then add the sid into the next request (show-changes) and get the following response:


[code:generic_err_invalid_syntax, message:Login request message processing failed]
POST Failure: HTTP/1.1 400 Bad Request


I can validate the query at which shows the following is the query I am generating -


[args:[:], data:{"from-date":"2017-02-01T08:20:50","to-date":"2017-10-21"}, files:[:], form:[:], headers:[Accept:application/json, application/javascript, text/javascript, Connection:close, Content-Length:58, Content-Type:application/json,, X-Chkp-Sid:EYWMOM37tdp8Ji-SG9ioDlKR1Poop795DgwWqvyCe7c], json:[from-date:2017-02-01T08:20:50, to-date:2017-10-21], origin:, url:]


As far as I can see the headers look correct and I am passing the X-chkp-sid, though this is getting passed as X-Chkp-Sid I believe the http rfc states the header is case insensitive.


Can anyone help?