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How do you rollback an old policy?

Discussion created by Dave Hoggan on Jun 15, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2018 by Daniel Morin
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Apologies at resurrecting an old thread but I am having a bit of difficulty in understanding why a pretty fundamental feature of the product seems to have been made less useful.


One of the nice features of the old database revision control was that it allowed a 'snapshot' of not only policies, but objects to be made prior to a change. For example the change of an ISP the would potentially require not only multiple security and NAT rules to be changed, but also several changes to the objects database (the gateway itself, manual NAT objects etc.) Roll  back was simple, clean and effective.


With the new scheme we can only revert the rules; all object changes must be made manually at the risk of increased time for roll back and errors being made by the person performing the roll back. Am I correct that where is no way to roll back the objects other than manually?


Right now the only way to guarantee a complete "one button" roll back is to make use of the GAiA backup feature and this seems hugely excessive.


Am I missing something obvious?