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Management server slowness in R80.10

Question asked by Chammi Kumarapathirage on Sep 29, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2018 by Ivan Moore

I migrated an FWSM firewall to Checkpoint. The management server is on R80.10 and the gateways are running on R77.30. The FWSM had a large number of rules and objects. Post migration, we have 7000 rules and 5000 objects in the dashboard.


I keep running to a problem where java process hogs up all the available CPU and I'm unable to do anything at this point. The dashboard stops responding and closes. When trying to reconnect, I keep getting an Operation Timeout error. After some time (around 15 minutes), java process consumption eventually goes down and only after that I'm able to re login.


We are in the process of cleaning up the rulebase but can't do that either because of this issue. Troubleshooting becomes a nightmare. The management server runs on a VM with 16GB RAM and 16 CPU cores. The java process consumption goes up as high as 1500%. Tried to get assistance from TAC but they took the easy way out by saying it's a problem with the number of rules and objects. But surely, 16GB RAM and 16 CPU cores should be able to handle this.


Any assistance to sort this out would be much appreciated. The JHF take installed is 35.