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duplicate services with underscores after import to R80.10

Question asked by Jacques Speliers on Sep 26, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2017 by Norbert Bohusch

Hi there,


We did an advanced upgrade from an R77.20 SMS to R80.10. The import was successfull but we ended up with a bunch of duplicate service objects and terminate with an underscore. Too many to list. Example of http are attached. Upon policy pushes, we get the "Match ANY...." warning messages.


 I opened a case and was told that the "_" objects are the old R77.20 services. SK115995 is similar to what I am experiencing. Unfortunately our policies are using the underscore objects and we can't simply delete the duplicates. My questions though is what objects am I to keep and is there a way to fix this?  As you can see from the captures, the underscored object seems to present more configurable option. I am unsure on what impact removing one object vs the other will have on Threat Prevention Blades. We are moving to have URL, APP, AV and Antibot turned on next quarter.


Any feedback is appreciated.