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Query Identity with Identity Awareness API got Internal Error

Question asked by Yi Dai on Sep 26, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 27, 2017 by Royi Priov


I'm using Identity Web API to query identity of a given IP. The API is

POST https://<gateway-server>/_IA_API/v1.0/show-identity

It works fine when there is identity found with the IP. But I got 500 Internal error when there is no identity found.

According to the document, when no identity found, it should still receive 200 OK and {"ipv4-address" : "","message" : "total 0 user records were found."}

It works when I do curl from command line, but in the https client, the response code is 500, there is no response body, but {"ipv4-address" : "","message" : "total 0 user records were found."} was put as error message.


Same command and http client worked on R77.30, but R80.10 has this problem. Does any one know how to solve it?