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Question asked by Vijay Nagaraj on Sep 19, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2017 by Timothy Hall

Hi Team,


I need some clarification on fwaccel stats -s command. There are different values on different fields. Need explanation for the same. 


Accelerated conns/Total conns : 98%

Accelerated pkts/Total pkts : 92 %

F2Fed pkts/Total pkts : 7 %

PXL pkts/Total pkts : 4%

QXL pkts/Total pkts : 0

The values are example values.


In case if i see QXL very less like 0% is that mean the fastest path is not utilized at all ,?? PXL is medium path and F2Fed is a default path and even that value is around 7% and what is the difference between Accelerated conns / Total conns and 

Accelerated pkts / Total pkts,, if those values are higher than 90% what does that exactly means..


It would be really great if i get a clarification.