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Filter option in R80.10 show-access-rulebase API

Question asked by Ekta Siwani on Sep 16, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 24, 2017 by Tomer Sole



I am trying to use filter option available in "show-access-rulebase" API available in R80.10.

My code is in PHP.

$rule_match_data = array(
    "offset" => 0,
    "limit" => 50,
    "name" => "Network",
    "filter-settings" => array("search-mode"=>"packet"),
     "filter" => "mode:{Packet} src:{}  dst:{} svc:{80} action:{Accept}"


Above data is not giving me proper result. Is this correct way to use filter or I need to change my text. The document says The provided text should be exactly the same as it would be given in Smart Console.

I tried :

"filter" => "src:  dst:  svc:80 action:Accept"


"filter" => "src:{}  dst:{}  svc:{80} action:{Accept}"