Danny Jung

Check Point VPN Logins - Top 10

Discussion created by Danny Jung Champion on Sep 12, 2017

Check Point provides several options to enable Remote Access users to login to the corporate network securely via VPN. Below is my Top 10 list of login options I see being used in companies enjoying Check Point solutions.


1 | Endpoint Security VPN (Standalone Clients Download: E80.70 for Microsoft Windows; E80.64 for Apple MacOS)


2 | Endpoint Security (Thin or Complete Clients Download: E80.70 for Microsoft Windows 64 bit / 32 bit; E80.64 for Apple MacOS)


>> Endpoint Security Homepage <<


3 | Mobile Access SSL-VPN Portal


4 | SSL Network Extender (SNX) - Clientless SSL-VPN (Installation Instructions for Linux)


5 | Capsule Connect for Apple iPhone and iPad Mobile Devices (sk69540) - Creates a full L3 VPN tunnel


6 | Android Capsule VPN for Android based Mobile Devices (sk84141) - Creates a full L3 VPN tunnel


7 | Capsule Workspace (Apple iTunes Store, Google Play Store) - SSL based access to Mobile Access Portal contents


8 | Native L2TP Client on iPhone/Android

l2tp on iPhoneAndroid L2TP definition on iPhone


9 | Microsoft Windows Check Point Mobile VPN plugin (Windows 8.1, Windows 10)


10 | SMB Appliance based Remote Access VPN (UTM-1 Edge only) or Site-to-Site VPN (700 / 1400 Appliance)