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VSEC AWS traffic to/from local subnet

Question asked by Matthias Hoppe on Sep 11, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2017 by Matthias Hoppe

My question is certainly easy to answer, but I cannot find the answer myself. I am not a starter with VSEC, and also not in AWS, but nevertheless it seems to be a newbee question.


Here is what we have: We have a VSEC installed in an AWS VPC. The VPC has several subnets. VSEC has interfaces in two of them:

- one public subnet - route table has the default route to the IGW - this is VSECs eth0

- on private subnet - route table has the default route to the ENI of the VSEC in this subnet -  this is VSECs eth1

All Security Groups and all NACLs allow any traffic.

VSECs setting for Source/Destination Check is "disabled".

VSEC is connected to our corporate network using VPN, which is running well. We can reach the VSECs IP-address in the private subnet from on-premise.


We additionally have an EC2 instance in the private subnet running an AWS Linux.


We try to reach this EC2 from on-premise without success. We see the packets run from on-premise via VSEC, which allows the traffic, and also see the traffic leaving VSEC on the correct interface eth1. But we do never see reply packets from EC2.


We also try to reach on-premis from EC2. Here we never see any packet arriving at the VSEC.


Connecting from VSEC to EC2 directly and vice versa is working well.


Does anybody have any ideas what I can check additionally?


Thanks in advance. Matthias Hoppe