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Solutions for backup/restoring individual MDS Domains.

Question asked by Richard Friesen on Sep 8, 2017
Latest reply on Dec 26, 2018 by Martin Valenta

My team is fairly new to the Checkpoint world, and recently I made the mistake of removing a domain from MDS that had some configuration that we needed.  Our backup solution is provided by Veeam, and we were previously not doing mds_backup operations to backup our MDS environment.  Mistakes were made, fortunately no customer data was affected.

When I got on the phone with support, we came to the conclusion that restoring an individual domain is effectively impossible via the Checkpoint supported backup solution.  It's either recover ALL of MDS (including the logs assuming no MLM which we are currently in the process of quoting out) in the event that something goes very wrong on a domain, or nothing.  No individual domain level recovery in R80.10. 


In our environment, each domain will represent a separate customer, and we will be expected to backup and restore domain information without affecting other clients.  

An additional related fear is that certain larger clients will require us to offload backups of their config to their environment as a part of their disaster recovery plan, which currently we can't really do due to the apparent limitations of the backup solution provided.


I was wondering if anybody had any solutions to work around this limitation, or if anyone had some tips and tricks to backing up configuration so it can easily be restored via a 3rd party solution?  Scripts, etc, any advice is welcome.