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Adding default gateway outside scope of interface

Question asked by Hugo van der Kooij on Sep 7, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 11, 2017 by Hugo van der Kooij


I try to setup a lab gateway on my OVH server. But OVH has a rather odd setup.

  1. External interface has a /32 netmask. For example:
  2. You need to setup a host route to the router ( in this example) based on the interface.
  3. Then you need to setup the default gateway to the router.


The point is that step 1 and step 2 works on GAIA (R80.10 T421) but the 3rd step does give you no error but it will not actually setup the route.

set static-route nexthop gateway logical eth1 priority 1 on
set static-route default nexthop gateway address priority 1 on

Is there a trick to force GAIA to bring up the default gateway?


If I change the subnet mask to /24 it work but ...... OVH goes totally balistic if I configure it that way.


The other trick is to dump the default just on the interface eth1 and that will work as well


The next step is the wizard. It will not accept this netmask.


Did someone work this out with GAIA?


Can Someone from Check Point R&D get a little bit of budget to toy around on OVH and see if they can fix GAYA to work in such a setup?