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The 700 series for a very small business and home use. Is it overkill?

Question asked by Paul Springer on Aug 23, 2017
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Good Afternoon,


I've used a 600 series appliance the past three years for a small home business as well as personal network protection. The one problem I had with it is the speed. I have Verizon Fios which for me is 165Mbps up and down. The 620 I have is rated much lower. My support agreement is ending. I've been advised to look at the 700 series.  Any thoughts on if this is overkill for a business with two and sometimes three people; should I go with zone alarm, etc. instead? I separated my subnets so that the business is on one and personal devices on another, bypassing this appliance. Also any suggestions on where to buy the appliance? Should I go through a local sales rep, even though my business is very small?I think i just ordered last time online and bought the three year agreement. Also can the price of the appliance be wrapped with the agreement so it's a monthly payment rather than buying the device up front?  



Thanks for your help...