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5900 appliance core split between CoreXL and SXL

Question asked by Kaspars Zibarts on Aug 23, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 24, 2017 by Kaspars Zibarts

Just want to hear other opinion. 5900 appliance comes with SMT enabled: 16 hyperthreaded cores that by default are split to 14 for CoreXL and 1 for SXL. We are planning to use 2x10Gb bond as a trunk to the core therefore I was thinking if it would be wiser to use two CPU cores for SXL (having additional redundancy/capacity in case one gets saturated) and leaving us with 12 hyperthreaded cores for CoreXL. Before you ask - I have no idea about throughput levels - it will be deployed as a new segmentation firewall so we have no idea what to expect. Guestimate so far couple of gig. And blade wise we won't go nuts from the start - FW/IPS/AntiBot/IA most likely.