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Gaia cannot add GUI clients

Question asked by Sanjay Chivukula on Aug 18, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2017 by Dameon Welch-Abernathy

I have a R80 standalone Gaia testbed installed on a virtual machine, sec GW+ mgmt selected during install, no errors reported during the installation. Was able to successfully run the first time config wizard, no errors. 


While i can connect successfully with the webUI, I am unable to get the SmartConsole to connect to this standalone box to manage Firewall blade. The error is the "could not connect" error message.


While following - "Connection cannot be initiated. Make sure server is up and running" error in SmartDashboard 

i can see that fwm is running

this just got installed so disk space ideally wouldnt be a prob, *NDB files are just 20k size atm

i unloaded the policy to see if something was blocking the ports via  fw unloadlocal

next i try cpconfig to see if its a config thing, i can successfully see license, admin information is as entered during setup


Errors start here -

i tried to use the CLI to add GUI clients just to be sure, and here i get the error message "Failed to connect to database"

im trying to enter 3 to get to "configuring gui clients" section, when it shows this error and displays root menu again.


also observed that when i do a CLI cpstop and cpstart there are errors related to cpwdm and cphttp2 (screen scrolls off very fast, cant capture specific error) and then there is a never ending loop of java error messages =


Any tips on how to tshoot this would be much appreciated, dunno where to start, nothing i see on postgres or java tshooting in KB