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How slow will Internet access become with SandBlast for 1430 appliance?

Question asked by Ben-Zion Joselson on Aug 15, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2017 by Dameon Welch-Abernathy

I intend to upgrade my Check Point appliance, from the veteran UTM-1 Edge NW8 to a modern 1430 appliance.

I can choose between NGTP blades package and the more effective NGTX blades package, that offers SandBlast protection against threats in files about to be downloaded to my PC.

I do not have Microsoft Office 365 cloud service at all.

I understand that SandBlast activity is cloud-based, so that each file about to be downloaded will be transferred first to Check-Point dedicated cloud to be tested and only then, if it is safe, it will be downloaded to my PC.

This back-and-forth file movement through the Internet worries me: By what amount is every such transaction going to slow my overall Internet access?

Is SandBlast for small appliances limited to specific file types (.exe, .pdf, .docx, pictures etc.,), or will it apply to all .html and .msg and .eml and every single Internet access will be subject to such transaction?
Will it slow down my access to the Internet to such an extent that I will be forced to increase my Internet speed from the present 5Mbit/sec to much higher speeds? At present I feel very well with 5Mbit/sec as I do not download movies at all.

Please advise.