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IPv6 NAT Support

Discussion created by Dameon Welch-Abernathy Moderator on Aug 6, 2017
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  • NAT46 (Translate IPv4 addresses to IPv6 addresses)
    • Supported in R76 as part of R76.LTE (Long Term Evolution) Hotfix (refer to sk95768)
    • Supported in R77.10 as part of R77.10.LTE Hotfix (refer to sk100446)
    • Not supported in R77.30 and above 
  • NAT64 (Translate IPv6 addresses to IPv4 addresses)
    • Supported in R77.30 (requires R77.30 Add-On)
    • Not currently supported in R80.10
  • NAT66 (Translate IPv6 addresses to IPv6 addresses)
    • Supported as of R76