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How to interpret "diskspace requirements" in the release notes?

Question asked by Erwin van Harrewijn on Aug 2, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 3, 2017 by Prabulingam N

In the CP_R80.10_ReleaseNotes.pdf the diskspace requirements for a SMS are listed.

"Free Disk Space: 500GB (Installation included OS)


What does Check Point exactly mean?

=> Is a physical/virtual harddisk of 500G sufficient?

=> Do you need to account for the unprovisioned diskspace (backup and upgrade)


The default installation, when using a 500G harddisk will result in a 32G root slice and a 245G log slice.

Because of the unpartitioned space, there is not 500G diskspace available.


Is above setup OK, or should I make sure the /var/log slice is at least 500G?



Sure, more diskspace is better, but I would like to understand the requirements.



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