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Share your Check Point Memorabilia for a chance to have it autographed by Gil Shwed!

Discussion created by Dameon Welch Abernathy Employee on Jul 26, 2017
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Last week, I posted a picture of an old Check Point floppy disk to LinkedIn and twitter as a "Throwback Thursday" post.

The photo was courtesy of a long-time Check Point employee:


Check Point v1.05 Floppy


I wish I could say I owned this floppy, but it was a little before my time (2.1 was the first version I used).


A lot of people both publicly and privately responded with some of their Check Point memorabilia, i.e. anything that had the Check Point logo or branding on it!

Sadly, I do not have a ton of older Check Point memorabilia, but I do have a few things.

One of them I created, and I know a few of you have it.

I doubt you've seen this version, though:


Essential Check Point FireWall-1 Book Cover (Chinese Edition)


There's also the infamous "Power of Two" Hot Wheels car.

Thanks to Timothy Hall, I have one still in it's packaging:




Finally, I have one piece of audio memorabilia attached to the post.

It was commissioned for Check Point's 10th anniversary back in 2003.


If you have any Check Point-branded memorabilia, snap a picture and post it in the comments below for a chance to have that memorabilia autographed by the Founder and CEO of Check Point, Gil Shwed!

This includes Check Point employees!