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Security Management Portal (SMP) R12.30 - New Release

Discussion created by Eyal Rashelbach Moderator on Jul 24, 2017
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Hi All,


We are happy to announce the release of Security Management Portal (SMP) R12.30 for SMB appliances.


This release introduces some exciting features and improvements for the SMP.

The release is now available for both Check Point cloud customers (vSMP) and on-premise installations.


SMP R12.30 homepage is sk117544.



What's New in SMP R12.30

Manage Firewall Access Policy from SMP

  • Configure rules for outgoing, incoming, internal and VPN traffic for gateway or plan.

Note: Managing Firewall Access Policy from the SMP requires firmware upgrade to R77.20.51 build 990171316. This image is available on the SMP for all service domains. For more information, refer to sk118035






VPN Community Enhancements

  • Allow a gateway to participate in multiple VPN communities.
  • Support routing traffic to other satellites through the center.
  • Support routing traffic to the internet through an externally managed center.


SandBlast Zero-day Protection Threat Emulation

  • Threat Emulation analyzes potentially malicious files, stopping dangerous attacks before malware has an opportunity to deploy.
  • SandBlast Threat Emulation uses OS-level inspection to examine a broad range of file types, including executables and data files.
  • Files are inspected in a virtual sandbox to discover malicious behavior and suspect files are blocked before they enter your network.