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Application database update failed

Question asked by Diogo Buhler on Jul 22, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2017 by Polash Neog



I've been having a really strange issue with application control. It seams that it can't update.
I'm following CCSA course from cbt nuggets, and I've everything ok.
But when going to activate application and url filtering, for some reasons database can't be updated.


This is what I got:
- My PC behind the checkpoint gw have internet access, and can resolve names properly. (no dns problem)
- My SMS have internet access, and can resolve names properly.
- My Checkpoint GW have internet access, and can resolve names properly.


When I go into Application & URL Filtering, and press "Gateways", I get on update status: "Error in database update".
Putting the mouse over I can read:


Application Control: Update failed. Gatewat can not
access internet
 Check connectivity and proxy settings.


URL Filtering: Update failed. Gateway ...(same thing)


so, i started to do some tshoot, and went to see if I can get into the page using curl_cli.
For that i whent to the checkpoint gateway and did:
"curl_cli -vk"


The result is a HTTP/1.1 200 OK, and I can see the content, for example: kg_filne_name etc...
But I also noticed I get an error like:
"*servercert: Error - server certificate validation failed!"


Can this be the issue?
In any case how can i solve this?


This is a trial license, 15 days one. But as far as I know, i should be able to test application control and url filtering with it also.


If so, how can I sort this out?


Any hints, or more tshoot tips? I even changed my policy, disabling some rules, and putting any any accept. so I don't block anything.


Looking forward to get some help here, as I'm totally out of ideas :-\


Thanks in advance.