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Impact of enabling SNMPv3 in Checkpoint VSX boxes 15600/21500/13500

Question asked by Sameer Ahmad on Jul 20, 2017
Latest reply on Mar 8, 2018 by Günther W. Albrecht

Hi all ,


I just need some clarification in terms of impact of enabling SNMPv3 as I need to poll traffic from VS to monitoring tools (CA spectrum 10.2) , I have checked with TAC they have told to put a jumpo hotfix 191/192 on R77.30/77.20 to make it work , however can some clarify if it is fine to enable jumbo hotfix as usually these are lab tested version and it is not recommended for General deployment


Also , I guess I need to enable resource control feature to get 24 hours or historical CPU usage ? the main objective is to get idealized monitoring as we have utilization to nearly 95-100% from some VS in firewall




Sameer Ahmad