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Wanted to check on the firewall cluster for the configuration sync across DCs, were primary DC is 1 1 HA and Secondary is 1 [all 3 of them are 4000 series] at perimeter and similar structure 1 1 on primary at core and 1 on secondary at core [12000 series]

Question asked by Rinesh Nanu on Jul 18, 2017
Latest reply on Jul 18, 2017 by Jim Holmes

I have a scenario of two DCs 60 Kms apart with three levels of firewalls [Primary perimeter, core and intermediate are all 1+1 HA config while secondary DC is just 1 at perimeter, core and intermediate].


Perimeter is 4000 series and Core is 12000 series, just wanted to check if clusterXL can do the clustering across DCs with 1+1 at Primary and 1+1 at secondary DCs


Secondly, can traffic be managed as well with single virtual IP across the DC's ? [looking for an active/active scenario]


Please advice