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R80.10 API policies installation benchmark

Discussion created by Intelliment Security on Jul 7, 2017
Latest reply on Sep 14, 2017 by Daniel Schroeter

I have performed a benchmark of times for policies installation comparing R77.30 through dbedit, R80.10 through mgmt_cli and R80.10 through web services. I will appreciate any suggestion to reduce the R80.10 API times and corrections about the tests.


Testing has been performed with a server virtual machine and a different gateway virtual machine. Both of them are deployed in my local network, so network latency is minimum. The table below shows the devices settings:


DeviceMemoryProcessorsHard disk
Check Point R77.30 (server)1 GB121 GB
Check Point R77.30 (gateway)1 GB121 GB
Check Point R80.10 (server)6 GB260 GB
Check Point R80.10 (gateway)4 GB215 GB


The benchmark consists of 254 host_plains, 254 network_object_groups, 254 tcp_services, 254 service_groups and 254 security_rules.


The table below shows the final results:


MethodTime (hh:mm:ss)
Check Point R77.30 (dbedit)00:03:46
Check Point R80.10 (mgmt_cli)00:31:20
Check Point R80.10 (web services)01:07:50


The command below shows an example of the mgmt_cli schema used:

mgmt_cli add host -b hosts.csv --root true

The request below shows an example of the requests sent through Postman to the web services:




"name": "h1.1.1.1",
"color": "orange",
"comments": "",
"ip-address": ""