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R77.30 to R80.10 upgrade issue

Question asked by Pedro Boavida on Jun 21, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 11, 2017 by Dameon Welch-Abernathy



I'm trying to upgrade Management from R77.30 (with Add-on package) to R80.10.


I have a fresh installed R80.10 management and I'm trying to do a migrate import of the file exported from the original management with R80.10 pre-80 upgrade tool. 

This procedure fails in the "Importing files..." step. The error produced in the migration log looks like this:



[21 Jun 17:45:11] [DbUpgrader::ExecuteCpdb] Executing cpdb using the following arguments: "/opt/CPsuite-R80/fw1/bin/cpdb" up --no-ngm-db-drop --no-ngm-stop --src_version --src_hfa_level 30 --src_path "/opt/CPsuite-R80/fw1/tmp/migrate/main_db/" --db_path "/opt/CPsuite-R80/fw1/conf/" --default_path "/opt/CPsuite-R80/fw1/conf/defaultDatabase" --db_type regular --db-migration
[21 Jun 17:45:11] [runShellCommand] Executing command: '"/opt/CPsuite-R80/fw1/bin/cpdb" up --no-ngm-db-drop --no-ngm-stop --src_version --src_hfa_level 30 --src_path "/opt/CPsuite-R80/fw1/tmp/migrate/main_db/" --db_path "/opt/CPsuite-R80/fw1/conf/" --default_path "/opt/CPsuite-R80/fw1/conf/defaultDatabase" --db_type regular --db-migration'
[21 Jun 17:49:53] [runShellCommand] Execution result: 1, exit code: -1
[21 Jun 17:49:53] [DbUpgrader::ExecuteCpdb] ERR: cpdb completed with error code '-1'
[21 Jun 17:49:53] ..<-- DbUpgrader::ExecuteCpdb
[21 Jun 17:49:53] .<-- DbUpgrader::UpgradeMainDatabase
[21 Jun 17:49:53] [DbUpgrader::exec] ERR: Failed to upgrade main database
[21 Jun 17:49:53] <-- DbUpgrader::exec
[21 Jun 17:49:53] [ActivitiesManager::exec] ERR: Activity 'DbUpgrader' failed
[21 Jun 17:49:53] [ActivitiesManager::exec] WRN: Activities execution finished with errors
[21 Jun 17:49:53] [ActivitiesManager::exec] WRN: Activities 'DbUpgrader' have failed
[21 Jun 17:49:53] [ActivitiesManager::exec] Designated exit code is 1



The Pre-Upgrade Verifier tool reported several "Warnings" but they were all solved. At this point I only have one "Information" produced by this tool related to LTE gtp_v2_default unsupported service which is actually not used at all but I cannot remove it by any means. I tried the solution provided in sk117237 however I still got that reported by the tool.


Did anyone been through something like this ?