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Session getting recorded at smart console after logging out

Question asked by Ekta Siwani on Jun 19, 2017
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I have been working on R80.10 stand-alone using REST API.
I am creating multiple object from a csv file (for loop) using REST API , I am able to publish it and able to log out at the end of loop.
Steps are :
1. Log in. 
2. Use session to create multiple object with for loop and come out of loop.
3. Publish.
4. Log out the session.
But in the smart console -> session section i am able to see the entry with log-in and log-out time.
I don't want this entry to be recorded here, what should i do while making REST API call so this entry will not be visible once i will log out from the existing session.
Attached screen - shot for same
Inline image 1