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Failed import database to R80 MDM

Question asked by Anthony Kwang on May 17, 2017
Latest reply on May 19, 2017 by Georg Naggies

Database import from R77.30 MDM to R80 MDM failed


faced with this issue during import:


Error:   Domain ID mapping for Domain  SG-MTECH-LAB could not be found!

Error:   Importing Domain Management Server SG-MTECH-LAB_Management_Server failed.

         See installation log for details or contact Check Point Support.


  Brute Force specified. The info files will be rewritten.

  Answer yes to all questions specified.

  Setting Multi-Domain Server SIC info

  Setting login Multi-Domain Server CRL info



Summary of Upgrade operation:






Import operation started at: Wed May 17 16:25:19 SGT 2017



Multi-Domain Server databases - Failure

Domain Management Server SG-MTECH-LAB_Management_Server database - Failure





Anyone has experienced this before especially for Multi domain?


Thank you.@