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Proxy user authentication

Question asked by Victor Mira Boronat on May 16, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 29, 2017 by Tomer Sole



We have a customer that requires that IPS and AppControl updates go via an authenticated proxy. We followed sk89920 which suggest that with a registry key on the smardashboard machine, is enough to enable proxy authentication.

Well, for R80 it does not work. The registry key is added, but I do not see anything on the proxy windows for enter proxy credentials.

I also tried sk93530, which shows a similar solution but just for Threat Emulation, but as the valued edited with dbedit are on the global properties, we assumed it could also work for IPS and AppContron updates. Well, it does not either. The proxy responds with a http 407 and no credentials are sent.

The proxy works fine as with curl_cli entering the credentials, it does work.


Has anyone managed to make updates work through an authenticated proxy?


Thanks in advance,