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Hardware:  How to determine the CK of an SFP?

Question asked by Quinne41a9893-0917-4fe7-8d41-2f36826848bc on May 10, 2017
Latest reply on May 25, 2017 by Michel Markusevic

Is there a way to determine the CK of an SFP(+) from either a running box or from physical inspection of the module?


In looking at a device, there appear to be two different Serial Numbers. 

  • The first is on the OEM sticker on the top with the MFR part number and Check Point's FRU.   This is 7 digits alphanumeric.
  • The second is on the side of the device with just a barcode sharing the same sticker.   This is 10 digits alphanumeric.


The CKs within UserCenter are 12 digits alphanumeric.