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add simple-gateway batch support?

Question asked by Hallen Halsall Employee on Mar 6, 2017

Does the 'add simple-gateway' command support the --batch flag? I don't think that it does because when I try it under R80.10, I get this:


[Expert@gw-ee0f93:0]# mgmt_cli add simple-gateway --batch testbatch.csv

Username: admin


Line 2: code: "generic_err_invalid_parameter_name"

message: "Unrecognized parameter [name]"



Executed command failed. Changes are discarded.


testbatch.csv is quite simple:





I've tried it with and without the quotes to no avail. Right before this post, I tried creation by hand and it succeeded.


I'd love batch gateway creation (ESPECIALLY for the SMB devices)!