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Creating multiple object via CSV

Question asked by Raj Khatri on Mar 7, 2017
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2018 by Usman Shaikh

I'm trying to use the Management API to create multiple network objects and then populate them into a group.  I have syntax working, however, when executing SmartConsole crashes and only imports ~150 networks.  There are 3000+ networks to be created.  Is there a limitation of number of entries that can be imported via SmartConsole CLI?


I'm trying to get the Microsoft Azure Datacenter IP Ranges added so we can create firewall rules.

Download Microsoft Azure Datacenter IP Ranges from Official Microsoft Download Center


CLI syntax: add network -d 10.x.x.x --batch /var/tmp/filename.csv


CSV sample


07032017-azure-europewest140.112.124.024slate blue

Microsoft Azure Datacenter IP Ranges - March 7, 2017