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How do I add a specific rule to a specific package and section in the package via the api?

Question asked by Julie Paul Employee on Feb 7, 2017
Latest reply on Aug 21, 2018 by Netmagic SOC

I am trying to create an automatic script that Creates the package  Example: 

  • add package name test1 access true threat-prevention true comments testcase

After that I want to create a section title in this package, I tried as an example 

  • add access-section layer "Network" package "test1" position top name "DHCP"
    • errored out on the package name

My next step was going to add a rule to the specific package in that specific section.  I was going to try the following: 

  • add access-rule package "test1" access-section "DHCP" layer "Network" position top name "rule 1" action "Accept" source "Home.123" destination "Spock" service "dhcp