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Verification of rules

Question asked by Jun Liang Seow on Jan 3, 2017
Latest reply on Jun 9, 2018 by Tomer Sole



I'm trying to verify rules that I have created. I understand that I can create rules through /add-access-rule. I also understand that Checkpoint can verify if the published rule can be installed by verifying policy (this can be done in GUI). I think it is not possible to do this function through API after reading through the API document. Would like to check on the possibility?


In addition, would like to check  if there's no such function, is there a good practice other than dragging out the entire rule-base for a policy through /show-access-rulebase and checking against the output?


My thought process now is to create a rule, verify policy and delete the rule if the verification flags error (easiest way to check).