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Mgmt_api_lib python modules in AWS Lambda

Question asked by Keith Richards Employee on Dec 30, 2016



I'm trying to use the example mgmt_api_lib and Python code within AWS Lambda  (


I'm no developer and minimal scripting experience means I'm falling at the first hurdle. I need to upload the code I want to run ( and all of its dependencies to the AWS web interface. The AWS help page describes the way to create the deployment package is to use :

pip install <module name> -t <my project directory>


I unzipped the and the module I want to use, addAccessRule, has a structure as follows:




Whenever I try installing this into a deployment package (instructions from AWS Lambda website suggest this is how to create the necessary package with all dependencies)

I see the following:

richardsk$ pip install -t ~/project/


  Could not find a version that satisfies the requirement (from versions: )

No matching distribution found for


I don't understand packaging/building so I'm not sure what I should do to use this sample code. The contains a line :

from mgmt_api_lib import *


Fundamentally, AWS Lambda expects all python files needed to run my function in a single directory - any thoughts on how to do this gratefully received!