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Question about Install Permissions

Question asked by Matt Dunn on Nov 28, 2016
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I'm having my first look at R80 using demo mode.  Specifically because I'm trying to demo admin permissions profiles.  I need to give a bunch of admins permissions to ONLY be able to edit the URL Filtering policy.  Fumbling my way through I've now set up a new layered policy, with URLF policy in its own layer, and I've created a new admin user and given it a new "URLF_Permissions" permissions profile... 


In this new profile, under Access Control > Actions, I've selected the bottom box, but not "Install Policy".  (see below)



I've logged back in to demo mode with my new user and sure enough I have read/write to the URL Filtering layer, and read only to everything else.  Great. 


As to be expected, at the moment I can not install the policy.  So here's my question...  If I tick the "Install Policy" box in the permissions profile, what happens when other admins are logged in making changes which they've published, but not yet installed?  When I install, will it install ONLY the changes I've made to the URLF policy?  Or will my install also install any other pending changes that other admins have made to other layers?