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Views & Reports Discrepancy

Question asked by Kevin Jones Employee on Sep 14, 2016

Why are there Reports but not Views for some data (like DLP or Cloud Services), and Views but not Reports for others (like Audit)? Its possible to export a View as a pdf for a ‘report’, but its not possible to interact with a Report like you can with a View.  For active reviews, a View is preferred because it is click-able for deeper analysis of the presented data.  So the lack of any pre-defined Views for DLP (for example) is a pain.  I know I can create a new View based on the same filters and settings contained in the DLP report, but that is very cumbersome.


Now if every widget used in a report or view could be saved and re-used…and every page of a report could be saved as a View…then the discrepancies between pre-defined Views and Reports would not be a problem.