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set-access-rule - API

Question asked by Joshua Boerum on Jul 7, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 7, 2016 by Uri Bialik

I was looking at moving a rule from position 1 to 3 with the following:


  "uid": "rule-uid-here",

  "layer" : "Network",

  "new-position" : 3,

  "details-level" : "full"



Response: 400 Bad Request


  "code": "generic_err_invalid_parameter",

  "message": "new-position parameter temporarily unsupported"



Is there a way I can simply move rules around without deleting/adding them?


Originally, instead of using "new-position" : 3, I was using "position" : 3, which returns a status 200 OK but was not moving the rule. Should it be returning status 200 OK when using "position"?