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Can't add newly created QoS Class in QoS tab of external interface

Question asked by Santiago Platero on Jun 16, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 22, 2016 by Santiago Platero

I created a new QoS Class through the old-look-a-like SmartDashboard (the one is selected):

but when I try to add it to the external interface to set the inbound/outbound rates and stuff, the SmartConsole is unable to find it:


I also tried to do it over the GuiDBTool (replacing one of the class already in use) but:


and tried too over dbedit CLI with also no success


Maybe a bug?




P.S.: in the second screenshot the caption title of the windows is wrong, because I selected to create a new DiffServ class, not a Low Latency one, also a (minor) bug?

P.S.2: a clarification: I need to create a new DiffServ class because we've enabled the Threat Emulation on cloud and when arrives a mail with a large attachment, the emulation keeps stucks uploading the file to the cloud