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global exclusions

Question asked by Nicholas Flood Employee on Apr 27, 2016
Latest reply on May 5, 2016 by Shahaf Alfasi

Customer upgraded from R77.30 to R80. Previously, when they add a Global Exclusion in SmartEvent > Policy > Event Policy > Global Exclusions they get asked if they want to run this exception on all previous events as well. Afterwards or from there after, no events matching that criteria show up in SmartEvent. After upgrade, no asking or notification is done. They confirmed that events show up in SmartEvent but mentioned that a custom script that is supposed to email alerts when traffic is detected instead of prevented, doesn't appear to get engaged by the excluded traffic. Likewise, we're confirming that when reports are generated, they don't include any traffic from the exclusions either.


So my question is, did global exclusion in R80 SmartEvent change? Do we still see exclusion traffic in SmartEvent but not past this? Do alerts/reports/etc not "see" the exclusion traffic?


Little extra, I noticed that when we filter for "todays" events, we see what looks like 24 hours worth of events. Does "today" filter by the date or 24 hours within that day and the wording "today" is a little inaccurate?