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No logs displayed in Logs & Monitor tab

Question asked by Jay Patel on Apr 13, 2016
Latest reply on May 24, 2017 by Eyal Rashelbach



We migrated our MDSM running a single CMA from R77.30 to R80. When we go to Logs & Monitor we cannot see any logs and get a message displayed at the top:

When clicking on 'Click here for details' we get the below.


Also, see below for the status of the log server and indexer


[Expert@lab-mdsm:0]# cpstat mg -f log_server



Log Receive Rate:                 4

Log Receive Rate Peak:            127

Log Receive Rate Last 10 Minutes: 3

Log Receive Rate Last Hour:       4





Log Server Connected Gateways


|Name         |State    |Last Login Time          |Log Receive Rate|


|Local Clients|Connected|N/A                      |               0|

|lab-fw       |Connected|Tue Apr  5 12:02:42 2016

|               4|



[Expert@lab-mdsm:0]# cpstat mg -f indexer



Total Read Logs:                       2048286

Total Updates and Logs Indexed:        8851260

Total Read Logs Errors:                0

Total Updates and Logs Indexed Errors: 8503335

Updates and Logs Indexed Rate:         14

Read Logs Rate:                        2

Updates and Logs Indexed Rate (10min): 16

Read Logs Rate (10min):                3

Updates and Logs Indexed Rate (60min): 15

Read Logs Rate (60min):                3

Updates and Logs Indexed Rate Peak:    449

Read Logs Rate Peak:                   127

Read Logs Delay:                       0



Anyone come across similar issue and any pointers on how to resolve this?