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Logging filter issues?

Question asked by Paul Hagyard on Apr 7, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2016 by Tal Fridman

The logging filters seem broken.

  • If I right click on interface eth1 (say) and select "add to filter" it adds "eth1" when it needs to add "interface:eth1".
  • If I right click on the rule column (e.g. 48) of a (recent) log entry and select "add to filter" it adds "rule:48" and finds no results. It appears to be incorrectly looking for the rule UUID, as using rule:UUID_number works. However, "rule" should use the number, and "rule_uid" should use the UUID_number...
  • It would be nice (it's not in the old SmartLog GUI either) if adding src/dst and typing would search for the text anywhere in the defined objects, not just from the start. eg: typing src:web001 should be able to find the object "y-s-web001"