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Timothy Hall

New "Max Power" Addendum with R80 Management Supplement & Latest Tips/Tricks Now Available

Discussion created by Timothy Hall Champion on Apr 12, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 4, 2018 by Luis Miguel Miguel
Hi Everyone,

I've posted the latest free addendum to my "Max Power: Check Point Firewall Performance Optimization" book at This 23-page PDF addendum includes the latest performance-related tips and tricks I've uncovered in my consulting work, along with an R80 Management Supplement that describes how to perform the GUI-driven tasks described in the book using the new R80 SmartConsole. This new addendum includes all tips and tricks contained in the first addendum dated 7/29/2015, with new or changed material highlighted for easy reference.

The PDF addendum document may be freely copied and distributed as long as its content and authorship remains intact. Enjoy!


My book "Max Power: Check Point Firewall Performance Optimization"
now available via