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is it possible to install individual sessions even though multiple sessions may have been published?

Question asked by Hugh McGauran Employee on Apr 7, 2016
Latest reply on Jul 26, 2016 by Eyal Balla

An organisation has a standard rule that means that changes can only be pushed outside business hours. Previously, they would prep changes during the day and then push policy in the evening. However, a number of emergency changes have arisen recently during the working day which were approved via change control to be pushed during business hours. This has now meant that they are no longer allow prep changes during normal business hours as it would mean that they would be pushed if an emergency change was requested and approved (they would only be approved via change control to be pushed during a specific time). 


Is it possible to just do a delta push of the changes in rules or just push a particular users session? Basically to just select the rules approved by the emergency change and push them. I initially suggested that people should just not publish their changes until after hours but with multiple people making changes and having different home times, this was not accepted as a valid option.