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Is global SmartEvent functional?

Question asked by Alexander Goldberg Employee on Mar 22, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 27, 2016 by nirba0074e12f-4b72-482e-b5be-27e7729dd7a7

Have a customer attempting to setup a R80 SmartEvent device and connect it to the existing R77.20 MDS environment. The customer wishes to configure SmartEvent as a global object but is not receiving logs after setup. The DBSync.elg file contains various errors that appear to be Java related.


15/03/16 12:08:18,003 ERROR db_sync.server.CpmSession [taskExecutor-8]: Login failure to a0eebc99-afed-4ef8-bb6d-fedfedfedfed on  Reason: Marshalling Error: Connection refused


15/03/16 12:12:19,116  INFO db_sync.server.DBSyncData [taskExecutor-8]: CA IP doesn't answer, trying to connect to another IP

15/03/16 12:12:19,121  INFO db_sync.server.DBSyncData [taskExecutor-8]: Candidates for connection:

15/03/16 12:12:19,121 ERROR db_sync.server.DBSyncData [taskExecutor-8]: Failed to connect to all machines


Has anyone setup R80 SmartEvent as a global object successfully?


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