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R80 - How to get topology interfaces per Cluster member?

Question asked by Michael Ruszkowski on Mar 10, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 22, 2017 by Timothy Hall

I have noticed in R80 that the old "topology" section has been moved to "Network Management", and now there is just one "get Interfaces" option.  I do not see where you can just get the interfaces for an individual cluster member anymore?  I understand that this feature was intended to define anti-spoofing, however we were using it for a different reason....upgrades.  


For example when it is time to replace / upgrade the Check Point hardware for a cluster we do this one at a time (backup first, then primary) this way there is little to no outage.  Sometimes the new hardware has different interface names.  We would swap out the backup/standby cluster member with a new appliance, configured it, set up SIC, then do a "get topology" on just the new member.  This way all the new interfaces would get pulled in and lined up with the primary cluster member.  Then we would change version and push policy.  We would repeat this process for the primary member.  Some of our firewalls may have trunks with many vlans (sub interfaces) and this feature made it very easy to read them all in especially when firewalls have more that 10 interfaces.


Has the ability to read just one cluster member's interfaces been removed in R80?  I do not see it in the it in the API?