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What are some of the tips and tricks for jumping between rules in the rulebase?

Question asked by Tomer Sole Expert on Mar 2, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2018 by Günther W. Albrecht

Navigating between rules in the R80 rulebase


Other than changes in the colour palette, the rulebase in the SmartConsole application brings features which can help some users browse inside the long list of rules:


  1. Section navigation
    When a rule is in focus, a small menu appears on the right-side of the section title that contains it. This menu allows jumping between section titles.

  2. Smart scrollbar
    The vertical scrollbar of the rulebase marks important places, such as rules that are locked by other users (in blue), or rules that are locked by the user (in purple). Clicking those marks will jump to their position.
    You can also open the small menu above the scrollbar and choose which things you wish to highlight.

  3. Using the rulebase search
    The rulebase search can work in non-filtered mode, in order to mark the results but still keep the rules above and below that result. You can achieve this by unchecking the "filter results" button. The smart scrollbar will also highlight the locations of your search results.
    Note that rulebase search only runs after clicking the search button or pressing the Enter key on your keyboard.