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VSX virtual routers, wrpj links

Question asked by Pim Dimmedal on Feb 12, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 13, 2019 by Pim Dimmedal

I have a question regarding VSX and the usage of virtual routers. I've created a setup with a virtual WAN switch, because this will be used for multiple virtual systems to access the internet. On both the DMZ and LAN side I've created virtual routers because multiple VLAN's are being used there and I don't want to use a physical router.


When I create a virtual router I have to assign a interface at creation, let's say bond1.100 with IP The object is being created and a wrpj link is being auto created with the same IP as bond1.100 when I attach a virtual system to the virtual router. However when I create additional bond interfaces (bond1.101/bond1.102/etc.) no additional wrpj links are being created, only the bond interfaces. Is this correct? Aren't there additional wrpj links required for the other bond interfaces?


Also when I create multiple virtual routers and virtual systems, I can't create multiple bond interfaces with the same VLAN tag, but different interface IP's ofcourse. I've read in the admin guide that this simply isn't possible but for receiving IPS updates I would like to use interfaces in the same VLAN. Is there a wrkaround for this, or isn't this recommended at all?