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VSX: Monitor Virtual Memory of VS

Question asked by Peter Baumann on Feb 12, 2019
Latest reply on Feb 15, 2019 by Dameon Welch-Abernathy

Hi all,

We try to monitor the virtual memory used on two different VS with SNMP.

I already could set the SNMP into the VS-Mode and it seems working well.

For the Virtual Memory we use the following OIDs:

memActiveVirtual64 = .

memTotalVirtual64 = .


We try to get the following information from vsid1 (marked red):


[Expert@vsx01:0]# vsenv 1
Context is set to Virtual Device vs1 (ID 1).
[Expert@vsx01:1]# fw ctl pstat

Virtual System Capacity Summary:
Physical memory used: 8% (1563 MB out of 17892 MB) - below watermark
Kernel memory used: 4% (726 MB out of 17892 MB) - below watermark
Virtual memory used: 3% (763 MB out of 23379 MB) - below watermark
Used: 186 MB by FW, 544 MB by zeco
Concurrent Connections: 27% (19457 out of 69900) - below watermark
Aggressive Aging is enabled, not active

Hash kernel memory (hmem) statistics:
Total memory allocated: 36332400 bytes in 8905 (4080 bytes) blocks
Total memory bytes used: 0 unused: 36332400 (100.00%) peak: 43246480
Total memory blocks used: 0 unused: 8905 (100%) peak: 11137
Allocations: 3470485482 alloc, 0 failed alloc, 3470278912 free

System kernel memory (smem) statistics:
Total memory bytes used: 73317624 peak: 85433552
Total memory bytes wasted: 2884360
Blocking memory bytes used: 43734556 peak: 51742556
Non-Blocking memory bytes used: 29583068 peak: 33690996
Allocations: 1075078 alloc, 0 failed alloc, 1064514 free, 0 failed free
vmalloc bytes used: 0 expensive: no

Kernel memory (kmem) statistics:
Total memory bytes used: 61907600 peak: 125391804
Allocations: 3471382515 alloc, 0 failed alloc
3471174670 free, 0 failed free



But what we get are the following values from these counters:


[Expert@vsx01:1]# cpstat -f memory os

Total Virtual Memory (Bytes): 52948054016
Active Virtual Memory (Bytes): 3940368384
Total Real Memory (Bytes): 25015111680
Active Real Memory (Bytes): 3940106240
Free Real Memory (Bytes): 21075005440
Memory Swaps/Sec: -
Memory To Disk Transfers/Sec: -


Does someone know how we can monitor the "real" virtual memory of a VS-instance?

So why does both commands above show me so different informations when I'm in the "vsenv 1" ?


Thank you for your answer.

Best regards,